What Are Terpenes?

Hemp contains at least 120 terpenes. Here is what they are for and why they are important.


Hemp plants don’t have as strong a flavor or smell as cannabis, and hemp is not produced with thousands of different varieties like cannabis. Hemp is mainly used for industrial purposes and is also used to extract CBD. For those who are wondering what CBD is, Cannabidiol (CBD) is the main cannabinoid in hemp and can be used for a very wide range of conditions and provides a relaxing effect for the user. Although the terpenes in hemp have not really been bred selectively to produce different odors, flavors or colors.

At least 120 terpenes have been found in marijuana plants and they have played a much more important role in the professional cultivation of cannabis. As many states legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes, this has allowed growers to be creative and create strains of marijuana with different smells, tastes and colors. There are now many varieties of fruit like strawberry cough or lemon dry mist, which taste and smell like the fruit they were named for. In addition, there have been huge developments in different types of colored cannabis, such as Granddaddy Purple. All of these innovative developments can be attributed to producers who are experimenting with terpenes.

Okay, but what do I gain from it?
In addition to adding a unique flavor, color and smell to plants, they can also have medicinal benefits when combined with cannabinoids CBD and THC. If used alone, they would not have much of a therapeutic effect, but it has been shown to have a synergistic effect when combined with these cannabinoids. Let’s talk a little bit about some specific common terpenes and a few of them.



It is the most commonly found terpene in hemp and can be characterized as having a fresh smell of pine and flowers. Although hemp does not smell as strong as cannabis, its natural smell of medicinal plants can be largely attributed to terpinole. In addition to being common in hemp, it is also found in varieties of sativa-dominant marijuana, apples, nutmeg and tea trees. Combined with cannabinoids, it has some of the most versatile medicinal effects. It has proven to be a powerful sedative, anticancer, antioxidant and antibacterial.


Myrcene is probably the best known terpene because it is found in many strains of cannabis and in trace amounts of hemp. It has the strongest medicinal benefits of all terpenes because it is a sedative that is good for relieving muscle tension, pain, inflammation and insomnia. It can be described as a clove smell and has a very herbaceous and natural smell. What is interesting to note about Myrcene is what is also found in mangoes and hops. This is why many people who drink large hop beers like IPAs (Indian Pale Ale) point out that it has a much more relaxing and sedative effect than other beers. In addition, it has been shown that eating mangoes after smoking weed or taking a CBD dye can enhance the effects, even of products like CBD Edibles, and Myrcene plays a role in this. The strains with this terpene are excellent when using CBD for sleep.


The last popular terpene you should know about is alpha-pinene, which is common in cannabis and hemp. It smells of pine, which makes sense as it is the most active terpene in pine needles, basil, parsley and dill. This terpene has medical benefits and has a strong aroma. It has been shown to increase alertness and memory retention because it counterbalances certain effects of THC.

As all of our products here are pure CBD extracts, there won’t be many terpenes in these products, especially CBD capsules and foods. The CBD in these products like the CBD crystals are all extracted from hemp plants, but the terpenes will mainly be left in the hemp plant. However, if you smoke hemp or cannabis plants, you now know the powerful role that terpenes play in these plants and many others. The next time you look, smell or taste a plant, know that terpenes play an important role in your everyday life …