Strawberry buds

A discrete and somewhat pale appearance not te be taken lightly; our Strawberry buds quickly wake up your senses with spicy strawberry and red fruit aromas and a punch of good vibes… (read more)

Batch # : 12SWBA
Cannabinoïd levels : 17%* (CBD+CBDA) ; 0,79%* (THC+THCA)
Aroma intensity : ■■■■■■■□□
Size of buds : ■■■■■■□□□ (Ø 2~3cm)
Amount of resin : ■■■■■■■■□□
Trimming quality : ■■■■■■■□□
Colour : Light and deep green with orange reflections
Origin and cultivation : Switzerland  🇨🇭  ;  cultivated in greenhouse

* Indicative levels such as measured during laboratory testings. The levels printed on the doypack stickers correspond to the ones of the batch in question (see Traceability tab).


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Tiny but tasty and punchy!

These small Strawberry CBD buds are our currently most potent flowers with 17% CBD and almost 0.8% TCH. Their discrete and somewhat small and pale appearance are not te be taken lightly as they quickly wake up your senses with spicy strawberry and red fruit aromas and a punch of good vibes. Cultivated in greenhouse by our local partner producer in Martigny Switzerland, our Strawberry buds are a worthy representative of high Swiss flower quality.

Their powerful sweet and fruity scents will remind you of grandma’s homemade strawberry jams or of a walk in the forest among wild strawberries. The first central red fruit aroma is slowly embellished with a hint of citrus and a ends on light earthy-spicy tones. Sativa amateurs will recognise a balanced fruity touch but our Strawberry buds will please all amateurs of an uncomplicated strain with straightforward effects. With their significant levels of CBD and THC you will definitely enjoy  you a very sweet relaxing moment.


The origins of the Strawberry are rather mysterious and the original breeder’s name is still a secret. The first examples definitely appeared in the Netherlands where it quickly gained popularity for its straightforwardness of aromas and effects. It has become a very common and user-friendly strain. Strawberry is a hybrid sativa-dominant strain, been easily recognised with its sweet and fruity aromas. There are now a wide array of strawberry cross-breeds making it difficult to trace and define the original Strawberry.

An Herborisia selection

We selected these Strawberry CBD Buds mainly for their great mix of potency and aromas. The flowers are cultivated with love and are prepared with outmost care for your complete satisfaction. You will greatly appreciate them!

A quality greenhouse culture 

Cultivated in greenhouses in the Swiss Valais county, these Strawberry buds are grown in a meticulously controlled environment (humidity levels, temperature, sunshine…) allowing the development of healthy flowers with strict organoleptic quality. This culture does not resort to any pesticides and uses a natural substrate to maintain rich and complex aromas.

Fine post-production treatment

Peculiar care and control has been dedicated to drying, refining, trimming and conditioning operations. All these operations are performed in a controlled environment and with strict calendar and processes ensuring a high quality production. Tests are performed at various stages of the process to guarantee the optimal freshness of each lot before conditioning in doypacks.


Composition : 100% natural Cannabis Sativa L.
Conditioning : Heat sealed aluminium film doypack with zip-lock
Delivery : C5 enveloppes.
For administrative efficiency purpose, all export deliveries are declared at a standard 15CHF value.

Our CBD flowers are sold for ornamental, decorative or souvenir purposes only.
Please check your local national regulations regarding the legality and circulation of the intended products in your territory prior to your purchase.
Herborisia can not be held responsible in case of seizure by your local authorities. 

Usage recommendations

Finely grind the buds and fill your the combustion chamber of your vaporiser. Adjust your vaporiser’s temperature between 180°C (slow and progressive vaporisation) and 230°C (quick and concentrated vaporisation) according yo your preferences.

Boil water. Grossly crumble the buds and incorporate them into the boiled water. Let rest for 5 minutes before drinking (with or without filtering).

Finley grind the buds and mix them well into fat matter (butter, oil…) and stir on small heat during ten minutes. Filter and incorporate your mix into wished preparation (pastries, cakes, drinks etc.)


Store away from moist, heat and light.

Shelf life:
1 year


Ongoing batch:
– #12SWBA (17% CBD total and 0.79% THC total)


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